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Accompaniment is a core part of our work together.

This journey that you are on is a shared journey. There are many who walk these same paths, who share similar experiences. There is a need to be there for one another, to see each other, to listen and share stories together.

The relationships that form from accompanying each other on this journey are many. There is the traditional student-teacher relationship, but also practitioner-practitioner, professional-professional, traveler-explorer, amateur-elder, and the endless interactions of those roles.

These are interesting relationships around shared knowledge, enthusiasm for the work, curiosity about the unknown. Everyone you meet has their own wisdom and insight, their own skills and expertise.

The spiritual path is centered on these relationships, on shared connections and understanding. Gradually, we learn to be there for others, and to be there for ourselves.

This sort of accompaniment doesn't include everyone. It includes the ones that matter, the ones that show up, the ones that care. Those people are important, and it is important to recognize them and their importance in your journey.