Resources, tools and skills you will need for your journey.

Photo by Sharissa Johnson on Unsplash
Photo by Sharissa Johnson on Unsplash

By Honoring Your Potential you build a map of where you are and where you want to go. Wayfinding is the path of experience, it is an immersion in being and doing. It is not enough to simply honor our potential by reading about it and being inspired, we need to actually do the work. A useful metaphor is traveling to a sacred place, we can read about it, look at pictures, be really inspired and excited to go there, but if we do not actually go then the experience is lost on us.

You need to do the work, you need to be a wayfinder.

Inner work

The Inner Work is about learning to occupy the world that you are in. It is about recognizing your true nature and gaining confidence and trust in that experience. The Inner Work is your practice, the one you commit to, the one you take refuge in. As you clarify your practice, your ever-present true nature will reveal itself.

The heart of the Inner Work is a meditation practice, but can also include other contemplative practices.

If you are just starting a practice, read Beginner's Meditation Advice. Spend a few weeks getting used to the proper technique, learning the key principles of the practice, and building a solid foundation for exploration and deepening your practice.

Get started with the Beginner's Guided Meditation: with an object.

Outer work

The Outer Work is about getting a bigger map. It focuses on bringing presence into the world in the form of compassion, kindness and generosity.

Work together

Our Work Together focuses on coming home and building a culture of awakening. It focuses on community, education, art, and redefining what success and accomplishment look like.