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Sitting with dignity.

Sitting with dignity.

Meditation is a practice of showing up for ourselves and for others. It is a practice of familiarizing ourselves with our natural condition and getting to know our true nature.

In Tibetan, they use the term Kuntuzangpo to identify our true nature. Kuntu means always or innate, since the very beginning. Zangpo means goodness, value, worth, or dignity. So Kuntuzangpo is this innate dignity, innate sense of self worth or value. And this is our true nature, our natural condition.

So often we struggle to recognize this sense of innate dignity or value. I personally often find myself looking for recognition or affirmation from others to justify my sense of self-worth and dignity, but in our meditation we have the opportunity to recognize that dignity in ourselves. To develop trust in our own innate dignity. To find this original source of value and goodness.

This is a gift to ourselves, but it is also a gift that we can share with others. We can carry that dignity and goodness into our relationships. We can be present with others in a natural and open way, not having to project our own agenda or neurosis onto the situation. We can be present as we are, knowing that is enough. That we are enough.

And that is a gift that is beyond value.

So when we take our seat in meditation, we should take a moment to connect with this sense of innate dignity. We should sit with integrity, knowing that the inner work we are doing is important and has significant meaning and purpose for our life.