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Reaching full expression.

Reaching full expression.

Think about a flower for a moment. A flower naturally wants to reach its full expression. It wants to bloom fully, for that most likely fulfills its basic function- for bees to mediate the movement of pollen for means of reproduction.

Flowers reach full expression for the further dissemination of flowers.

Ideas reach full expression so that idea spreads and impact the culture.

But why do humans strive to reach full expression?

Do we want to promote reproduction, spread ideas, or is it something else? Maybe it is a selfish-gene to promote our own significance within the community. Maybe it is a reaction to overcome our instincts towards scarcity.

Maslow lists self-actualization within his hierarchy of needs. Of needs. Why is this a need for humans?

It really comes down to a basic recognition within ourselves: what we can be, we must be.

As we learn to control negative emotions and not get caught up in negative mental states, we recognize that we can be more present.

As we let go of limiting conceptions of who we are and our place in the world, we recognize that we have many gifts to share.

As we break out of habitual patterns and conditioned responses, we recognize we have the freedom to choose.

We can be more present, share our gifts with the world, and choose our path forward. We can, and we must.