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I've been reading The Artist's Way the past week and started doing some of the practices in the book. This is a great little guide to living a creative, generative, productive life, whether you consider yourself an artist or creator.

One of the core practices Julia Cameron recommends in the book is the practice of affirmations, or a strong, positive statement that something is already true. She has a list of creative affirmations, however you can and should come up with your own list.

Here are some of mine:

  1. I am a channel for generosity, and my work benefits others.
  2. My dreams are an expression of my heart and I have the power to accomplish them.
  3. I am allowed to rest in my true nature.
  4. My generosity heals myself and others.
  5. Through the use of a few simple practices, my generosity will flourish.
  6. By expressing my creative potential, I honor my true nature.
  7. My creative potential is an expression of truth and love.
  8. I am willing to be open, available, and receptive.
  9. I am willing to allow myself to make mistakes and fail.
  10. I am open to act on my creative instincts.
  11. I know what gifts I have to offer the world.
  12. I have the audacity to reside in the gift, and know that it is meaningful.

Make a list of affirmations. Be bold, you are worth it. Keep them to yourself, or share them with others.