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Friday Contemplation

Friday Contemplation

Grab your notebook and a pen, your coffee or tea. Take a seat outside, in your room, or wherever you can find some space.

Contemplation is the art of being present without being lost in thought. It is more about listening than thinking. Sometimes though, you just need to let your thoughts rain down on paper so that the skies of your mind can clear.  

Invite yourself to rest on the page. Sit in receptive, open presence. Listen. Open your senses. Open your heart.

Here is a seed to contemplate this weekend:

Last week we thought about what we care about. Pick a couple of those values and think about how to create a daily ritual around them. Pick a value, and then start with a small act to recognize that value and bring it to life.

For example, the value of being generous can be honored with a simple offering of a candle on your altar each day.

Spend some time in contemplation. Journal to yourself. If there is something you want to share, share it on your blog or just hit reply and write back to me.