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The power of ritual.

The power of ritual.

Have you ever felt frustrated about wanting to change your situation or your life or your habits but always find yourself stuck and in the same place.

I'm sure you have. I think we all have.

If you are anything like me, you probably spend a lot of time and energy thinking about how you would like your life to be, what things you would like to do, which direction you would like to see things go. Part of this shaping might involve reading, following your curiosity, listening to others, and being pushed by expectations inside or outside of ourselves.

And yet, despite this wish to change, things often remain quite the same.

Try something for the next couple weeks. Create a daily ritual around some of your aspirations.

If you want to be a writer, write morning pages.

If you want to be more generous, light a candle and place it on your altar.

If you want to be more caring, ask others how they are doing.

If you want to be more present, sit on your meditation cushion.

You get the idea. Take a look at some of the values you reflected on last week. How could you make a daily ritual around those values. Make the action as simple as possible. A tiny gesture that aligns with the person you would like to be or the things you would like to do.  

What rituals can you think up?