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Imminent revelation.

Imminent revelation.

There are moments that are always presenting themselves, moments to lend a hand, moments to share a kind word, moments to help or guide those who are struggling along the way. At times we recognize our capacity and resourcefulness and act with genuine kindness. Most of the time, we find ways to hold back and keep moving along in our own lane.

Pure presence or awareness (Tib. rigpa) is completely open, receptive and responsive. It is an awareness in which we are not holding onto anything. This genuine presence places us in a world of imminent revelation, where we become active participants in the ongoing creation of the world around us.

The ego would have us move away from the present out of fear, uncertainty and hesitation. Ego seeks to be distracted or to escape, leading us into worlds that don't exist around us, in which we are further disconnected and disembodied.

In this sense, awakening to greater presence connects us to the fundamental creativity that is a continually unfolding reality. This elusive yet ever-present creativity can only be witnessed in a state of open and receptive awareness, in which the play of the world and beings moves like a dance in the pavilion of space.

We can catch glimpses of this in our ordinary waking life. We all have moments when we are open and receptive, catching moments of insight and divine inspiration. But soon we close in on thoughts, wrapping ourselves in stories and ideas that insulate us from what continues to unfold around us.

Imminent revelation is reality revealing herself to pure presence. It is a tender witnessing of the uniqueness of this present world. Its very nature is beyond thought, word or expression, and yet in those moments we find the words and the actions that need to be expressed.

Of course the ego would not have us be so generous. The ego would tempt us to hold back, to give a little less, to not be quite so vulnerable. "Next time you can do something remarkable," as the beacon of light that is genuine presence fades into hiding and not being seen or heard.

Recognize when you are being called to presence
and when you are shutting down and holding back.
Go beyond yourself.
Step into a world of imminent revelation
and do the thing that needs to be done.