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What do we want space in our life for?

What do we want space in our life for?

What do we want space in our life for? Oftentimes it doesn’t seem like we get to choose, that we go about our days encountering things that are outside our control and we have to deal with them as they happen. But if we had the freedom to choose, what would we choose to include?


Cultivating silence is about creating and honoring space in our day. Silence in our mind, room to rest, time to breathe. To be silent is to be open to the present.


Silence gives rise to reflection. It presents us with a mirror to see what it is that worries us, and what it is we care about. Reflection allows us to see our values clearly, to get a hold of that which is often left in the shadows of our heart and mind.


Knowing what we care about, we are faced with a choice: are we going to act on our values, or let them slip away in busyness and distraction. It is commitment that brings our values to life and allows them to transform our experience.


Once we commit to something, we have a responsibility to nurture it and keep it alive. Discipline is the work of honoring our commitment. It is the work of showing up, pushing through resistance and discomfort, and staying the course. Sometimes in the course of doing the work, we need to take time for silence and reflection and course correct if necessary.


What are we doing all of this for? To live the life we imagine, to enjoy our life as it is, to be able to share the gifts we have found along the way with others. To be able to be present and enjoy time with our loved ones, contribute to meaningful work, and follow our hearts. Sometimes the result we are looking for is not as far off as we imagined. We just need the space, time and attention to be able to see it and then enjoy the act of bringing it to light.