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Carrying it on.

Carrying it on.

There is great purpose in carrying something.

We live in a world where much of what we do and are comes and goes. We move from city to city, trade jobs over a lifetime,  consume, consume, consume. Very little of our time or attention are devoted to things that are bigger than ourselves, things that started before our lifetime, or endure far past the limited time we have.

Opportunity and purpose are usually formless concepts that are hard to identify in our life in the moment. We often feel at a loss for what is truly meaningful. A life devoid of purpose and meaning creates a sense of yearning or longing in our hearts and mind. This yearning can take the form of wanting to connect, to impact, to do something important. And so we do more, try more things, move again in search of another opportunity. Something comes our way, and other things go.

Know that there is great purpose in carrying something. Recognize that your power to carry it at any one moment is limited, but that contributing your efforts within a community relieves you of that burden. The shared sense of a community carrying something brings connection and joy.

Then you can stop worrying about opportunity, especially lost opportunity. Turn your attention instead to responsibility and the roles you play in carrying things forward.